SaniAccess 2

SaniAccess 2

Saniaccess 2 is designed to take waste from one WC and washbasin. It is part of the new Saniaccess range of macerator pumps which can be serviced without being removed from its installed location behind the toilet.

It can pump up 5 meters and along 100 meters

The Saniaccess 2 is part of the Saniaccess range that is mainly intended for new installations as the inlet and outlet positions vary from other previous Saniflo models.

Saniflo.Irish provides On-site saniaccess-2 service.

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Manufacturer’s Guarantee: 2 years
Room: Bathroom/En-Suite, Commercial Premises, Toilet
Pumps Up: 5 m
Pumps Along: 100 m
Discharge: 22/28/32 mm
Motor Power: 400 Watts
Weight: 5.8kg
Compatible With: Wash Basin, WC
Working Waste Water Temperature: 36 degrees