Rapidflow 450F

Rapidflow 450F

The Rapidflow 450F toilet macerator pump with integrated macerator. Rapidflow 450F is small, compact and resistant to hot water up to a temperature of 80°C. The device is equipped with three water inlets. One outlet and is capable of reliably transporting sewage up to a height of 7 metres. Or across a distance of 70 metres. It is therefore the ultimate low-cost solution for your sewage problems as it even enables the secure transportation of sewage from the most remote location of the house below the backflow level of the water.

The pump can thereby for example simply be attached to the outflow of the toilet and still offers 2 additional inlets. That can be connected to showers, bathtubs, washbasins, dishwashers or washing machines. Unused inlets can thereby easily be closed with the seals included in the scope of delivery.

The Rapidflow 450F is powered by a powerful 450 watt engine. Engine ensures the shredding of sewage before it is then transported through a 32/40-mm pipe. And enables the device to pump 100 litres per minute. The silent engine will automatically start the pump for a short duration of time once a certain water level has been reached inside the tank and will turn it off again once the tank has been emptied. This Rapidflow 450F toilet waste pump does not require any specific treatment or maintenance aside from periodic descaling. The frequency is thereby reliant the hardness of the water in your area.

The relation of pumping head and draw – Rapidflow 450F

Even though the maximum pumping head can reach a height of up to 7 m and the maximum draw a distance of up to 70 m. The overall pump capacity is dependent on the ratio of these two values. 1 metre of pumping head thereby equals 10 metres of draw. If assumed that the incline of the drain entrance equals 1%.

  • Pumping head: 7 m – Draw: 10 m
  • Pumping head: 6 m – Draw: 20 m
  • Pumping head: 5 m – Draw: 30 m
  • Pumping head: 4 m – Draw: 40 m
  • Pumping head: 0 m – Draw: 70 m

Devices installed in the basement in most cases have to cover a pumping head of a maximum of 4 metres. Meaning that the waste pump would still be capable of covering a draw of 40 metres, which is usually more than just sufficient.

A few practical tips based on experience

1. Return valve:

The return valve has to be installed at any cost, Should be mounted as closely to the horizontal pipe as possible. A missing return valve would cause the sewage to flow back into the waste pump and thereby cause the engine to run permanently, which might eventually damage the device due to overheating.

2. Piping:

The pump is equipped with a powerful engine that quickly creates high pressure levels. We therefore advise the use of either glued PVC pipes or copper pipes, both available at hardware stores and specialised retailers. If necessary, the rate of flow can be decreased by adding additional angles. The use of 2 separate 45° angles thereby does not obstruct the flow as much as a 90° angle would. Planning the piping in advance therefore would make things easier.

Please note that items aside from toilet paper are not supposed to end up in the toilet and should instead be put into the respective rubbish bin in order to be disposed of properly. Further, waste water must not be induced into the pump with pressure and washing machines and dish washers should therefore be induced via siphon or a washbasin.

We advise to entrust the installation as well as the leakage test to qualified personnel and to be aware of the legal regulations in order to avoid issues or errors.

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