Regular Saniflo service can prevent odor. Saniflo service prolong machine life and associated piping.

Wet wipes and hygiene products, when used with macerate, often cause the carriage to fail and damage.

Most Saniflo repairs performed by Saniflo.Irish are repaired or replaced on the same day. In urgent situations, be aware that our emergency call may incur extra charges.

We can quickly diagnose all problems related to Saniflo products. Be it a lack of maintenance, a mechanical / electrical failure of your machine. A blockage in the macerator itself or an associated pipe. We will solve your problem within 24 hours.

Saniflo service

sanifloSaniflo service should always be done by experienced professionals such as our engineers. Does your Toilet clog, make funny noises or run and stop? A Saniflo Service by our experienced professional engineers will solve this. All our drainage engineers are Saniflo service specialists. We can carry out repair work safely and effectively. Your home life will be back to normal as quickly as possible. Using our many years of experience, we will safely and thoroughly remove any waste products. Our engineers will leave your bathroom clean. We specialise in unblocking Saniflo toilets. We can be with you within the hour, to give you expert help.
Saniflo DomesticSaniflo toilets are extremely popular. Because they can be installed where the traditional gravity flow system cannot be used. Turning wasted space into an extra bathroom. On the whole Saniflo toilets are extremely reliable. Saniflo blockage do happen. Anything mechanical can go wrong. You cannot simply use a plunger to get rid of blockages as you would with a standard toilet. These toilets require taking them apart to investigate the cause of the issue.
The most common cause of blockages with these types of toilets is the use of wet wipes. Wet wipes get tangled round the macerator.
Please don’t be tempted to take a look yourself. It’s really not a good idea! The macerator in the Saniflo unit can appear to be off. But can restart at any moment.

Saniflo Installation

Do you looking for a cheaper option?

toilet anywhere

Do you need to replace Saniflo unit?
We can offer you a cheaper option!
New German unit ( 600W ) with 2 years manufacture warranty.
From € 500 including Installation.

We offer service for all types of macerator pumps.

Bathroom Anywhere | Saniflo Installation

Toilet anywhere

New Installation includes: All pipe works and electrical. Wash hand basin with hot and cold water. WC pan with macerator pump if required. LED light with switch. We can provide free site survey to see if your space is suitable for toilet anywhere. With no obligation can be yours from € 1.400. Installation can take place over a weekend at no extra charge.