SaniAccess 3 Installation instructions

Saniaccess 3 InstallationSaniAccess 3 Installation instructions.

Saniaccess 3 is designed to take waste from an en-suite (One WC, washbasin, shower and bidet if required). It is part of the new Saniaccess range of macerator pumps which can be serviced without being removed from its installed location behind the toilet.

Saniflo.Irish provides On-site saniaccess-3 service.

Saniaccess 3 Installation

Saniaccess 3 Installation 22/28/32 mm – 28/32/40 mm
1m – 90 m max
2m – 80 m max
3m – 60 m max
4m – 40 m max
5m – 20 m max

Saniaccess 3 Information
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